Friday, November 22, 2013

Managing as a whole person: the role of spirituality - Mohamad Hussain Habil, Malaysia

IMG 1858Began describing patient's he'd seen who had been jailed with chain to his leg for years to stop smoking.  With recommendation of Iman the beat an adolescent who smoked. This was the religious approach for addiction in the past, discipline, imprisonment, shame etc but now there is a new growing awareness.

IMG 1857Rational of the Mosque MT program
-to support the government mission for expansion and upscaling of MMT and greater impact on HIV/Aids prevalence
To provide platform for research opportunities, training program, etc

IMG 1859
SEDAR (spiritual enhancement and drug rehabilitation)program
- pilot project, started in May 2009
- now have 40 patients
all male , 20-50
Majority are heroin dependent
BRI - brief religious intervention
Iman and religious expert deal with psycho spiritual counselling and health workers/doctor to help patient

IMG 1861
IMG 1860
Treatment Concept
positive addiction through 1 ritual (prayer and fasting ) to overcome craving and negative addiction
proses pembersihan diri (purification) "repent"
Overcoming selfish brain phenomena through spirituality
bring in concept of Bismilla to over come abstinence violation and efects
bring in mindfulness
work together with mosque officials
-BRI - individual and group activities, talk and discussions about religious ritual, Jemah - group work and group prayer in mosque

6500 mosques  
Most of the time they are not fully utilized

Views from ulamak, views from health practitioners, community participations (including police)
Medical intervention
BRI sessions - religious counselling
Individual sessin
Methadone taken in the mosque in front of the pharmacist
One year retention - 80%
Urine negative - nearly 100% in 6 month
Drug use reduction better in mosque than clinics
Sexual risk behaviour reduced more in mosque than in clinic
Quality of life indicators same for both groups
Spiritual Improvement scale - both had same results

Even smokers are stigmatized, so stigmatization with heroin addiction is truly major. Plan is to treat smoking in mosque now too.
IMG 1862
Research to Reality (translational process)
-training oman/religious counsellor in addiction
upscale to 2500 mosques
waiting for grants from JAWI/JAKIM
mosque and bri for smoking and heroin but could also be used for behavioural addiction
New research tool for taqwa (THIM and the validity study being conducted in Iran and Malaysia
Heuristic to better research design

IMG 1863
-possibilities of having addiction clinic in mosque
-spiritual religious program for treating addiction
early hopeful result which need to be supported by more systematic research

(These are my rough notes and slides photographed during the presentation. I provide this as an indication of the depth and breadth of study and apologize for any errors. I would recommend anyone interested go to the source for further clarity and information - W.HAY

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