Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Recovery Paradigm - Insights and Challenges - Dr. Nady el -Guebaly - ISAM 2013, Kuala Lumpur

N. el-Guebaly - Professor, University of Calgary, Alberta
Also editor of Textbook of Addiction Treatment: International Perspectives - due Nov.2014 (
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(These are my rough notes which I hope give an idea of the depth and breadth of research and presentation at this ISAM conference. For those interested i would hope you would go to the sources and authorities in this field. Dr. El-Guebaly is one of the truly great leaders in the field of addiction medicine. His presentation was packed with information. He has slides rich in detail as well. I only here caught a part of the whole. His research papers are superb and I recommend to anyone reading these his depth analysis of current and often very thought provoking aspects of addiction medicine - W.Hay)
Historically AA developed, then White saw wider context
Then Mental Health , Chamberlain 78 "On our Own - recovery as a reaction to the shortcomings of deinstitutionalization
APA 05
Recovery emphasizes a persons capacity for hope, treatment guided by person's goals and ambition, focus on wellness, resilience and active participation
A "cure' Is possible for most and 'partial recovery' for some
 Recovery from Mental and Substance Use Disorders
4 dimension - health, purpose, home , community
10 guiding recovery principles
 person driven
trauma informed
A: Stategies As Chronic Disorder
- recovery doesn't have an end point - there's no such thing as graduating'
recovery oriented states of care - core polices , bridge integrating Addiction and Mental Health
Alternative Institutions - peer-based organizations, and support centres, and roles, live and recovery coaches
Challenges - licensed professionals versus commercialization

B: Monitoring and Sustenance of Recovery
-other chronic illnesses - diabetes hypertension, asthma require lifetime assertive continuing care and regular check up
-from 6-12 month retrospective Follow up to Concurrent Recovery Monitoring (CRM)

In Malaysia you may not have secular assets but you have religious assets to draw on.

Addiction Day Recovery Survey 2013
Thoughts about Recovery
Hope and restoration of meaningful life
Ongoing process
Healing and growing

Disconnection - with individual, within treatment, with concurrent services

Concurrent Capable Competency Framework, (CCCF) - Alberta Health Services, Oct. 2013
Recovery Orientation - safe personal qualities and formal qualifications and experience
Staff Competency Domanis
Behavioural - adaptability etc
Technical - knowledge
 Looking more in-depth at what makes for successful treatment and recovery.

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