Sunday, November 17, 2013

Funan Digital Life Mall - Singapore

I asked some young guys selling me some iPhone earphones,
"Where's the best place to get digital cameras? "
The three young men answered in a kind of staggered chorus.

I took a double decker bus from Bugis to there. It was by City Hall so easy to ask directions to.  They'd circled the place on the little tourist map I'd been given by the Miramar Hotel desk clerk.  Since so many people are conversant in English Singapore is really easy to get around in.
 I noticed a lot of young single Western women alone or in pairs here.  Everyone says its the safest place to travel. It certainly has been for me. I don't feel any insecurity even at night.  And I'm rather jumpy since Greece.
I liked that the young women appeared to feel safe.  It's also such a young culture too.  I"m relatively old by comparison.
Funan Digital Life Mall is definitely the place for my brother and nephews too.  I don't think I could pry Graeme out of any part of the store. Everything is cutting edge electronics. Andrew would take up permanent residence in the gaming department. The resolution of the latest lifelike games on the big screen would have him and Allan gone for days.  Tanya would have to send Gilbert out as as a search dog to find them in the store.  
As it was, at 25 Cam,  I bought a new lens for my Nikon D5000 semi pro. They actually took a trade in on my existing one.  I loved that. I didn't need to be travelling with a couple of lens.  The one I've now got, 18-300 will meet all my needs and is so portable. Did I mention that the young man in 25 Cam is a really good salesman.
It's the equivalent of a car mall except for digital products and name brands.  It's huge, like a plus size Walmart but only electronics. I am surprised I pried myself away.

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