Saturday, November 23, 2013

Salome - Study to assess longer term opioid medication effectiveness - a progress report -Suzanne Brissette -ISAM 2013

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European studies and the NAOMI trial demonstrated that prescribed heroin helped.
NAOMI - double blind validation of self -report illicit heroin use - hydromorphone
Patients appeared not to know that they were getting hydromorphone versus heroin
Treatment retention good, treatment response good.
- this lead to Salome
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Hydromorphone has advantage of being a licensed drug in Canada versus
Selection criteria, 19 or over, 5 years injectable medication use, had two previous treatment, one an opiate agonist treatment
The Salome group mean 19 years use, 17 years injecting, 45 or older mean, 100% on welfare, $1500 a month - average welfare $800, indicates what they did to supplement drug use.
Right now patients are attracted to the program with possibility of getting heroin.  We know diacetylmorphine outcomes but we want to see if hydromorphone works as well.
Polydrug abuse was apparent at base line but we don't have ongoing studies as yet.

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