Friday, April 5, 2013


I just realized what makes this moment so pleasant. It's not raining. I'm sitting outside Starbuck's on Broadway. Gilbert is at my side. I've just come from chiropractic treatment with Dr. Richard Cho. The aches and pains are relieved. I'm off for dinner with my friend John. Surely we'll talk of Jesus. We'll eat. There will be grace. We'll be a company of grateful people giving thanksgiving for all god's blessings. It's the end of a work week. I've worked and participated and paid taxes. I'm a contributing citizen but tomorrow I've days off and realize that those who don't work don't know the joy that weekends and holidays present. The contrast is palpable. I love work but I love weekends as well. Or I should say I love the people with whom I have the priviledge to work and I love to get away on my own on weekends or get together with friends I love to see.
It was raining so heavily this morning. Now this lovely warm evening. The meter is running out on my parking. Time to move. Thank you Jesus for this day and all of the wonders of creation.
My Hebrew kit arrived and I left it at the office. I've started a course but am struggling just to learn the alphabet. I'm enjoying the iphone apps though. It's an intellectual adventure. I love to learn what Genesis really says and hope to visit Israel again soon.
I'm also reading the incredible book, All the Way Home, by David Berner. I know David. He's a great guy but I've just learned from the book that he's a Winnipeg Jew. No one he's so bright and caring. A great read too. Can't wait to see him again and tell him how much pleasure his writing is giving me. God bless.

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