Friday, April 12, 2013

Hedley BC Canada

This is the first time I've been here in the Spring and it's beautiful.  I usually come to Princeton in the fall for hunting, camping or staying in a motel in town, then driving out here in the truck to unload the motorcycle or quad.  There's a zillion miles of trails out from Old Hedley in the Gold Mountain direction as well as north.
Gilbert and I drove up from Vancouver in the Ford F350 pulling the Rockwood Minilite RV.  There was snow in the forest in Manning Park where the campgrounds are all still closed.  Deer were out along the road coming down into Princeton. What a beautiful sight.  The town continues to grow with lots of evidence of paint and development.  Beyond Princeton I saw horses and cattle then some 20 ams on I was at Hedley.
On the way up I've been listening to Graham Greene's novel of the red shirt killing of the Catholic priests in Mexico.  Graham Greene is such a great writer. I took several stops which pleased Gilbert no end. There's a bit more strain driving pulling a house than just whizzing along in  a sportscar.  A bit like motorcycle travelling where it's nice to get out and stretch one's legs.  
Thankfully the Riverhaven RV campsite was open. They'd just turned the electricity on.  I was the first customer of the year. The owner, a very helpful and personal, good looking man, guided my RV into the parking space.  Now I've a love view of the Silmakeen River rushing below me.  There's a walkway down to a sand beach too.  Gilbert loved running up and down the beach.  "We like pets, " the owner had told me, "but I don't like picking up after other people's dogs so make sure you do."  He's got a little shepherd female who Gilbert has loved playing with.
I'm slowly moving about this morning after porridge and my second cup of coffee. I'm planning on going out with the Honda CRF 250 motorcycle to explore the backroads. The weather has been kind, cloudy but sunny with a sunny forecast for the next couple of days.  It's wonderful here.
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