Monday, April 22, 2013

Hail on a Motorcyce

I was not impressed. Coming over the Lion's Gate Bridge hail hit. Hail. It's spring time. We've had our share of snow and cold and wet. Now my lip was being struck with BB gun shots. My face was stinging. I could only feel for poor Gilbert behind me. He didn't have a helmut. He pawed his off somewhere in China Town last year. Now he was at the mercy of hail. Thank goodness for Tim Horton's. I pulled off the road and parked to sit out the worst of it. I carry Gilbert's jacket in the carrier bag. Tim Horton's has a roof. He's now protected. Not happy to be outside with me inside but then he thinks he's a person and should be allowed to eat at the table. I agree but we manage. I'm inside having a coffee watching the rain get worse. Hail is the reason for full face masks on helmuts. In all other scenarios I love the half face mask. Having one's face peirced by needles makes finding shelter the best solution. Thank you Tim Horton!

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