Monday, April 29, 2013

Afraid (poem)

I am tough and strong
I am David before Goliath
I am the Rock of Gibralter
 I am the steel that is true
 I have fought for righteousness
Defended the truth
Given my health and wealth
For all the right causes
I have carried my burden
And carried yours
And been carried by the Lord
And known grace

But still I am afraid
When you threaten me
 With armies of lawyers
And legions of bureaucrats
And threaten to take years
Of my valuable time
I once thought would be mine
After years of service

There is no real reward in this world
I have known the various distractions
The brief R&R that is given to men
So they will forget for a moment
And return to the battlefield
Where others profit from the service

There are many battlefields
And many wars
 But always there is death, old age, and taxes
And yes I am afraid

Please God give me strength to carry on
And face yet again your enemies and mine
For the darkness is all around
Only you and yours are the light
Help me be more and more with you
In you and surrounded by you
Thank you, Jesus.

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