Friday, April 5, 2013

Gilbert's Biker Jacket

Gilbert, my cockapoo, rides on the back of my Harley Electraglide or my Honda CRF Enduro. He had a helmut and goggles but pawed both of them off losing them with James Dean flair somewhere as we were passing through China Town. I'm looking for a helmut he might tolerate since I went through several myself till I found one satisfactory. The goggles were more for styling since both bikes have windscreens and he does have my body to shield his eyes from flying debris. Mostly his bushy eyebrows service him just fine.
Today though, he got another biker jacket. He'd grown out of his last one so some little biker pug may benefit from his handmedown. This biker jacket has 'born to ride' emblazoned on it. That describe biker dog, Gilbert. Born to ride (and chase ball, hunt birds, get back rubs, hump,

play in dog parks etc).

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