Saturday, April 6, 2013

Othello Tunnels RV Campsite

What a day it's been. This morning I woke early, wrote then gathered a load of things to take to storage and all the stuff I'd need for a weekend. Many trips up and down the dock.
Jim's equipment is there and he's working this week installing the autopilot. I thought I'd give him room. Hopefully Tom will be able to fix the prop this week as well.
I drove out to Chilliwack. I'd decided I'd collect my RV. I'm hoping to hunt next week so renewed my license in Abbotsford. They've one of of the finest hunting stores. I bought an Excalibur bow  one year and often stop for ammo. I even renewed my fresh water fishing license once though usually I renew my fishing licenses at Army Navy store.
It was good to see the man who runs the RV storage. He's a thorough delight. Honest, caring, a really fine human being. Always so helpful. This time he helped me re install the batteries, redirect the water after having antifreeze in the lines, and checked my lights after I hooked up. What a mensch!
It's six months since I've had the RV on the road. So many moving parts. So much to remember. It astonishes me at times how I am able to juggle all these complex activities again. I pray. I'm so thankful for the help too. Good men reassure each other.
Thanks to Hannah I had the insurance for the RV.  I'd  only known I did  when I stopped at the Yarrow Insurance office.  I showed what I thought were the old insurance paper to the  girl only to have her laughing pull out the 2013 insurance.  There was the new sticker giving me till Nov.. I'd completely forgotten Hannah had taken care of this.
At Canadian Tire I bought a spare set of keys ie.  bolt cutters. I've lost the key to the lock that went with the chain to the propane tanks. Later, the gas station attended filled the propane while I filled the truck with diesel. Then I climbed into the box and filled the Honda Enduro Motorcycle with gas from the jerry can. Then I filled the jerry cans. Around the back of the station I found the fawcet, ran my hose from it and filled the water tank. I'd had to buy a plug at the Canadian Tire because I couldn't find the cap though I've located it now. I also had to replace the hot water zinc.
Finally with all tanks filled , I remembered I'd left my coffee inside, ran back to get it, and at last headed out on the road to Hope. The sun had been out the whole way out to Chilliwack and was still out. I might even get an evening bear hunt in I thought. I'd brought the 30:30 Rifle and ammo just in case.
I phoned the RV park and was glad to get a person who said the park was open. Some don't open till May though this one is open year round.
Bob was really pleasant and friendly. I liked that the park was out of the way rural and quiet. It was a challenge to back the RV into it's place but I did. Then I unhitched it from the truck, rolled down the struts, attached water and electricity. I got the heater going off the propane. The fridge had been cooling with the battery while driving but now it to ran off the propane. I got the slide out though forgot to clear it's way so had to fish out obstructions before I got it out giving the place a wider homier look. I keep thinking of getting a Stealth toy hauler but when I'm in this Rockwood Mini Lite I'm just so contented.
Gilbert was really happy with a walk along a logging road. He ran all over sniffing everything while I huffed along behind him. Back at the trailer I cooked up some noodles and used the toaster. I like toasters. I'd stopped for butter and cooked ham slices. Gilbert was glad to have his without the bread.
I wrote a poem for the April poem a day, not very enlightened writing. I'm quite exhausted. So much activity. So much new. I was almost overwhelmed by all I've done today. It's like this. The first day. I 'll be out again next week and it won't be such a challenge. Driving the truck and hauling the trailer wasn't at all the strain it was last year. I'm getting more adept at this, acquiring and honing skills.
I stopped at House of James in Abbotsford too and bought Hebrew flash cards. I'm makiing slow progress in preparation for my course that starts this week. I bought some Christian music, and books as well.
I talked to a man there who was buying another bible. He was interested in my interest in Hebrew. I told him I wanted to read genesis in the language it was written but I wanted to learn some conversational modern hebrew as well. I long to return to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. They were such an inspiration when last I went.
Now I'm listening to the rain on the roof. It's so quiet here. Gilbert is sleeping at my feet. It's so homey. Being on land is a change from the boat. Nothing is moving. I hear a dog barking in the distance. Gilbert growled. Now he's added a little bark in his little dog throat.
I'm safe with him at my side. Nothing is sneaking up on us.
Now I'll go back to reading "All the Way Home," David Berner's remarkable book.

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