Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Morning Enchantment

I climbed out of bed,
Acknowledged the tail wagging dog
On the way to the toilet
Where I sat and read a "morning reflection",
Reminding myself that all humans
Are Gods that shit.

I again acknowledged the tail wagging dog,
As I departed the bathroom
And entered the kitchen.
Created the miracle of the blue gas stove flame,
Then opened the enchanting freezer door
Taking out the wondrous coffee container.
I scooped just enough deep brown coffee grounds
To make the Expresso maker very happy indeed.

I saw that the dog climbed back on the bed, curled up,
For a nap, after the hard work of morning greetings.
I sat at the table looking at this computer screen
Reading mail from the internet,
Smiling at the inspirational quotes from Facebook friends,
Waiting for the characteristic morning coffee music to begin.
Listening as the symphony symphony crescendoed
Then gurlgled to a rich conclusion.

I rose on cue and turned off the stove,
Lifted the expresso pot and poured the aromatic creation
Into my orange Harley Davidson mug.

I then drank the "said" coffee.


My morning has begun.

Sensuous spirituality incarnate.

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