Friday, April 12, 2013

Yesterday Poem

I had no wi fi
Travelling in my truck
Pulling my trailer
My loyal dog beside me
His name, not Charlie, but Gilbert.
We stopped often
This hauling about of one's home
A greater strain than riding one's motorcycle
I appreciate now the methodic movement of the turtle
Compared to the frantic effervescence of the hare.
Gilbert was pleased to pee on as many trees as he could
I think he has a daily quota
And rewards himself with happy faces for more
He's very much a twitter tweeter
To my blogging.
So a poem did not go out for napowrmo
Daily as the national poetry month deserves
The poem was written in my head and heart
But it's only today that the wifi at this campsite
Gives me the sense that I'm again connected to the web
I was off the grid there for a day
No doubt the satellites could see me
And the traffic cameras could detect my vehicle
With the distinctive cockapoo dog head sticking out the side window
But the cellphone signal was lost
And much of the way I didn't even have radio
So I listened to a talking book of Graham Greene
About the time when the Communists were lining up the priests
And shooting them as the Romans crucified the Christians.
The scenery was magnificent, the Silmakeen River rushing along
But snow deep still in the forest concerned me
I didn't imagine stopping till I was over the mountains
Away from winter and back into spring.
It's been a mild winter but still I'm weary of leaving yellow marks in the snow
Gilbert marked the crocuses and daffodils as though they were trees
He's so very off the grid.

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