Sunday, April 14, 2013

Riverhaven Motel and RV Hedley BC

Riverhaven RV is only 20 km past Princeton on the #3 highway.  The road crosses the Similkameen River at the Gold Mountain Road.  Stemwinder is to the left and just beyond there is the turn off to Riverhaven RV right next to Gold Mountain RV.  Yesterday, I was the first customer this year.  The owner was terrific guiding me into my place and making sure I had power, water, sewage and wifi.  I've overlooking the Similkameen River which is a lovely view indeed.  It's so quiet and peaceful with lush green all around.  Another RV came in today.  There's this lovely sand beach along the river. Gilbert and I walked down last night, just a path down the bank, really.  The stars were bright in the sky. The river was gurgling and talking. The white capped mountain peaks loomed in the distance.  I love it here.  This morning deer , coming up from the river bank, walked right on through the park. They got themselves trapped for a moment but found away out. I was able to get some great pictures.Later I was across the river and took a picture of my RV in Riverhaven.
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