Thursday, April 4, 2013

National Poetry Write Month

April 1 Poem
I am always late
April 2 Poem
I am always late
Trying to catch up to myself
April 3 Poem
I am always late
Trying to catch up to myself
In poems

April 4 Poem
Here I am.
I just learned from Bernice Lever,
That April
Was write a poem
A day
I thought April First
Was April fool's day.
How was I to know
It was write a poem day two
Or rather one, too.
I'll try to catch up
Eating spinach
Through my nose
Smearing oil over my naked body
So words slide out smoothly
Jazz like
Studying Hebrew
On a rainy night
Wondering about the other side of the page and how it must feel empty and alone with so much excitement on the right and yet when Hebrew is written the left side of the page
Goes almost unused.
Knowing it's written left to right and read as such I've wonder much these days if YAWVEH isn't HEVWAY or simply put heaven's way, a different name for a God than I am..
Like poems

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