Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday Poem

The National write a poem a day contest
Is a bully beating me with literary sticks
And prodding me with electric verbs
To write a poem today when it's Wednesday

Who ever heard of a Wednesday poem
Poetry of love is written on Friday
In hopes of getting laid on Saturday
While poetry of loss is written on Sunday
After breaking up on Saturday

Spiritual poetry of great design is written
On Sunday or Monday,
Monday because a sermon
Has raised one from the carnal contemplation
Of news or hockey

But Wednesday, this Wednesday
I'm without any inspiration for a poem
And dont' want to look at the 'prompts'.
My goodness, I'll likely look at the prompts
Because I'll have to have a poem them
Or the NaPoWriMo folk will pull out
My literary fingernails
Demanding lot
Can't imagine how I fell in with the beastly folk
I should be getting ready for work
Drinking a second cup of coffee
Languishing in the bath
But instead because of the brutes
I agreed to run with
I'm putting out a useless silly poem
That won't get me laid
Doesn't say anything about breaking up
And hasn't a twit to do with God
I'm not even celebrating nature
I'm not singing the body electric
Or even being electric
I'm stringing words together
In the appearance of compliance
This is the wednesday poem
Take that
You poetry police
Not that anyone but me is monitoring
I could have stolen a Shakespeare Sonnet
Plagiarized and no one but me would be sick
With guilt and remorse and feeling of moral crapitude
I can't imagine criminals and losers having much inner peace
I've so little even thinking of stealing an e.e. cummings
And saying it was my own
Just to get a Wednesday poem
No I've muddled through myself
Externalized the demon of work ethic
That internalized thing of committment
Which I must have imbibed at my mother's breast
For from her I learned not to cheat or steal or lie
And saw my father was a wonderful man of great character
So accomplished in so much he did
So I've not plagiarized though it would have improved the content
And I've not stolen or shot a poetry contest judge
To get special dispensation
To have someone say, he wrote a wednesday poem
When he didn't
I've not done any of that
So I've got this instead
Not much to write home about
But better than nothing
And certainly better than something stolen.

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