Monday, April 22, 2013

Learning formally

Learning formally is a disciplined regimented process

It's a whole other thing to learn informally

In formal learning it's like having the brain squeezed like a sponge

So that when exposed to knowledge it soaks it up

Learning informally is like putting a rag near water

And hoping to catch the drips and osmose the content.

I've begun another formal learning project.

Naturally my head hurt.

It's tiring and frustrating and humiliating

It doesn't matter the content

The process of formal learning is invariably as such

Because it requires attention and training in a manner


How can new learning be anything but foreign.

A lot of informal learning masquerades as great learning

Because it suggests you are learning a lot 

When if it feels great and is appealing 

Is probably merely confirming what you already know

Formal learning quickly moves at a pace which 

Usually indicates that though you feel above average

You are slow

I'm convinced right now I'm the dunce of the class

I've been at this place many times.

It's called the beginning.

If I don't run screaming from the classroom

I may actually learn something new and alien

And very disturbing

Like a new language

A science or religion or the culture of another different

And strange and irritatingly difficult

Formal learning is work

As playful as it can be for an adult

For children formal learning is play

For adults play is the known with just a wee bit of learning 

Added in for interest.

Formal learning is adventure of the highest order

Because it's dictated by the learned to the novice

Set at a pace and in a way that they think is okay


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