Sunday, April 21, 2013


Sunday is everything
Completion of a week, beginning of a new one
A time to sleep in
A time to go to church
(A last minute to sin before confession)
A moment to reflect on healing, the present
God, the Big Picture, life and death
The alpha and omega
The time between
Purpose, meaning, spirituality, direction

I pray and meditate
I work and do the next right thing
I play and participate
Love to read and write
I watch tv, listen to the news
Go outside as much as possible
Walk the dog
Throw the ball
Stay in touch with family
Hang out with friends
Carry through with projects
Building things
Learning things
Travel, hunt, fish
Am fascinated by the means of travel
As much as the destination
Am with people alot
Helping whenever and whereever I can
I pay taxes
Some days it's enough
Really, enough
But often I'm alone
And wondering sometimes still
If I'm really doing God's will
Or marking time
Waiting for the Messiah to come

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