Saturday, April 20, 2013


I'd not been to Walmart in a while. I'm pretty much a regular at London Drugs and Canadian Tire. I really like Safeway. I'm a big fan of the Bay and Sears. But I just don't get to Walmart that often.
Probably that's good. It's really easy to spend money at Walmart. Everything is priced low so why not get two instead of one. I've just bought two sets of flip flops and two shirts. In the entertainment section I got several $5 DVD's on sale and one reduced price Durango. It really was the best price I'd seen. There was the shampoo I bought even though I still have shampoo at home. It was on sale too. Really good price. I bought apples and cod and microwave vegetables. I don't know when I'll get around to eating them but I've got them. More dog food for Gilbert too. There was whole package of chocolate bars too.
I'd just thought to get a shirt. I mean that was my intent. I've not done the laundry and now it's going to be days before I get it back from the launderer so I thought I'd get a shirt. One shirt. I got shorts as well. I've got a load of shorts from last year but the shorts were beside the shirts and each was only $12. In Mexico they wanted $25 for the same shorts.
The bill at the cash register was a couple of hundred dollars. It kind of surprised me. But then these days bills always surprise me. Yet I had a shopping cart full of stuff and normally I'd have paid twice or three times what I paid. But I don't 'need' some of this stuff. It will get used but I still have to think, Walmart makes it way too easy to spend money.
The lady ahead of me had less than a half dozen items. I think if there's a shopper's heaven she's going there. Not me.
Walmart is to the shopaholic what Vegas is to the gambler. I must say, I love Walmart. Like Death by Chocolate. There are just some things that really do it well.

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