Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tomboy Store, Point Road, Fort Gary

My friend Karey Shin (Asselstine) wrote a song about this icon of our childhood. Apparently some luddite demolished it in 1970. She's trying to make a music video and can't find any pictures so asked me if I might have some. I've asked my photographer brother if he has any and now am putting it out there to see if anyone else might.
As a silly young man I wasn't taking pictures of the buildings about me in those days. I thought 'architecture' was in Europe and that the only pictures of a 'city' worthwhile taking were Toronto, Quebec City, Chicago or New York. When I was in Europe in the early 70's I took all manner of pictures of buildings but didn't appreciate my home town in 'that way' until years later. My mother always appreciated the local Fort Gary sights. She didn't take pictures but would have prefered a picture of the Tomboy Store to a picture of a castle in the south of France.
At least I enjoyed the people around me. I have all kinds of pictures of the kids I knew. I was a people photographer early. Now I suspect I've become more a dog photographer thanks to my cockapoo 'model', Gilbert. I'd think I was becoming addled by my friend Wes Hazlitt just posted a picture of him and his dog for Facebook so I've got a few more years of sentamentalism left before they call it 'dementia'.
Karey and I were writing poetry in high school and here we are both over 21 and continuing to enjoy this. My doctor friend George is always sharing his insightful poetry with me. Several of the CAA folk are great published poets too with everyone enjoying the 'scene' and 'open mike' nights as much as the poetry itself.
Now I'm looking forward to Karey's music video on the Tomboy Store and hopefully someone will have black and white pictures of the memory.

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