Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Evolutionary Love

Evolution isn't so much a thing of eternity
It's a man theory about the macrocosm
The microcosm is an individual life
Where child moves from baby to adult
And as an adult creates another child
Or being an adult cares for other children

Evolution is difficult for children
It's hard for a caterpillar to see
It will become a butterfly
Children think only of themselves in general
So many adult children today
So little evolution

Evolution is God's plan
God loves man and butterflies
Jesus loved children
Jesus loves a man or woman no less
Especially adults

There is no evolution in the perpetual princess
Or King Baby
There is no evolution in the bitter old man
Or carping old woman

It is better to love your enemy
Than to kill him
Unless of course he is a dangerous child adult
Intent on killing you and yours
Then whack the son of a bitch
Evolution demands it

Love your neighbour as yourself
Who wants to be a dead lover?

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