Thursday, May 2, 2013

At the Airport

I 'm at the airport, Vancouver Internationa; sitting in the Tim Hortons. As usual their coffee is too hot to drink. Taking bites of the glorious apple fritter I hold it by the bag. As tasteful as it is, it's a bad choice for a typist.

Apple Fritters always take me back to University of Manitoba Medical School. They sold them at the kiosk outside the main lecture hall, where we used to play ping pong between classes. Sometimes the thought of those apple fritters and that coffee was all that got me out of bed and to the lecture. These Tim Horton's are just as good. Delicious.

I'm begun to doubt myself. Was the kiosk at the University of Winnipeg where I did pre med or was it at University of Manitoba. Did we play ping pong at the University of Winnipeg or University of Manitoba. I know I played racket ball at the University of Winnipeg.

Their flight should be landing soon. Gilbert is outside in the truck. When we arrived he thought we were going on a flight, got all excited then disappointed when I put him back into the truck after a short walk. He'll be glad to see my brother and sister in law. He loves family.

I told him Andrew and Tanya were engaged and to watch his expression last night you'd think he knew exactly who I was talking about. He loves the nephews almost as much as he loved my father before he passed away.

Last time I was in this airport I was returning from Greece. It was late at night and I was exhausted after several stop overs and missed connections. I want to travel to more places in the world, especially return to Scotland, India and Israel but I'm becoming like an older friend who only goes where trains go because he sees airports as too much of an ordeal.

My next trip will be on my Harley. It's not likely they'll have a tunnel under the Atlantic or Pacific like they do between England and Europe, so I'll not be able to drive all the places I want to go any time soon. There's no beating the planes for speed too. But really I can't wait for teletransportation. Now they can make guns and kidneys with 3D photocopy machines, it won't belong before someone figures out how to get me transported across the the internet.

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Anonymous said...

your too funny
how are they going to get
all blood and pieces together

take the plane