Thursday, May 30, 2013

Morgentaler Ode

I heard of your death and was thankful it was over.
The pagans thought they could achieve immortality
By the sacrifice and slaughter of the young.
But like the pagan kings, you did not kill your own I learned!
Your children are living.
A rich life as you did,
Filled with fame and fortune and arrogance.
There is so much profit in killing.

I am always suspicious of doctors who do not take their own medicine.
You are not a physician.
Any more than those men who also played with scalpals
In the prison where they scarred your heart.
Such similar circumstance as  Victor Frankl  but such different outcome.
One man  freed in a search for meaning
While another  forever imprisoned in meaninglessness
Doomed to inflict the horror of his past
Again and again on the present.

If you had killed your own
I would not have found such fault ,
But your mother and your wife did not take the advice
You brought from Auschwitz to Canadian women.
You taught that the only hope is the killing of another
For survival of the fittest.
(Such a Hitlerian idea to infect a Christian Canadian nation with?)

Canadian women were stronger and tougher
More loving and kind
Before you came.
They raised their sons and daughters
To fight the impossible war, to beat the unbeatable  Nazi
And  to save the Jews from the abortion chambers of Auschwitz.
Canadians, especially the French,  loved babies before you came.

Though Canadians had fought for your life
You could not find it in you to fight for the lives of Canadians
To take the really hard and high road,
To offer women the choice
The real choice;
The economics and solace
Of hope and joy.
Could you not argue with Hitler ?
And fight for a better alternative than expedience and  extermination?

Whatever it was that kept you alive,
That spark of life that Victor Frankl spoke so clearly about,
Could you not share that with your patients and their families
As you did with your wife, for everyone has doubts.

A real physician gives hope and find the means
To end the suffering without sacrificing the Jews and Poles
And homosexuals and pregnant unwed women,
And unborn children in death camps.

What of your  oath , 'to do no harm' ?
You denied the very life of a child
And deprived a generation of the laughter
And tears of little ones
Who Canadians had always before celebrated and protected.
Instead of bringing gratitude to this land
You brought the venom instilled in you
By the pagan drug addicted fascist Hitler.
And for that we can all be sorry.

Your Freudian  "identification with the aggressor"
Is a subject that survivors will expound on for decades
As Canadians rebuild the Temple you tried to destroy.

How much harder it is  to join the real fight,
Like the  poet Leonard Cohen, who sings
"First we take Manhatten, then we take Berlin!"
Like those who gave a lost despairing people  Israel
Forcing governments and adults
To find a means to save the baby state and protect  lives of the unborn

Instead, Canadians  need to buy children overseas.
Because you ,Mortgentaller, never learned respect
For home grown Canadians,
Instead outsourcing birth and babies
As an auxiliary service to your abortion factories.

Instead of releasing a mother and child
From the terror of the term " unwanted child"
You rejected love and  Jesus
Picking up that first stone, pelting the woman
And bashing in the head of the unborn
Squeezing brains with forceps, snipping baby spinal cords
And flushing Canadian wombs like a toilet.

Instead of being a physician who identifies
Correctly that the poverty, the rape, or the shame
Or whatever else is the 'disease' you 'blamed the victim',
And used advertising words like Goebbels
To conceal the truth of your murderous insanity.

Life and children are never the disease.
Children and Jews are never to be exterminated
With dehumanizing words and abortion chambers.

Physicians save mother and child.
No obstetrician worth his salt would declare abortion victory.
We are not fascists in this country, Canada.
We worship life and love.  L'chaim!

Now women are denied children or child care
And mothers go unrewarded
And families are destroyed,
And Canadians buy children overseas.
This is your legacy.
This is the cold hearted consequence of Auschwitz.

Now fascists and communists
Turn their thanatos agenda to adults.
A future Canadian will be given the Order of Canada
For his euthanasia gas chamber
Just as you were given an Order of Canada
For your abortion scalpel.
No wonder true Canadians returned their Orders of Canada.

Having  killed Canadians babies en mass
Fascists can get on now with the 'final solution'.
Like you the medicine they will prescribe to others
They will not take themselves.

In Canada you died at 90
Saved by Canadians from an early death in your 20's
But you went on to emulate not Canadians who freed you
But the Nazi murderers who imprisoned you to die so very young.
Now dead at 90 you join all those children whose lives
You reduced to weeks and months.
While Canadians gave you 70 more years
And did not kill you in their prison
But freed you once again.
But still you could not learn the Canadian way,
So warped were you by Hitler.

Forgive me but I am a physician.
I took an oath to do no harm
And as a scientist  I know  as you knew that a fetus is a baby.
Even Goebels couldn't convince my family
That Jews were not human and needed extermination.
My father, a Canadian veteran,
Went to war to save the world from the Fascists and Communists,
And the Jews from the Holocaust.

Leonard Cohen wrote
"First we take Manhatten, then we take Berlin'
He is a Canadian who will stand before the Lord
If only with a broken hallelujah.

You with your bloody Mengele scalpal
Will be speechless finally,
Having silenced so many Canadians.
What a sick and sad tragedy Hitler left us.
I will pray for your soul,
For as Jesus said,
"You did not know what you were doing."

Hallelujah. Hallelujah, Hallelujah

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