Monday, May 27, 2013

Westcoast Motorcycle Ride to Live 2013

it was a rainy day but Gilbert and I didn't let that stop us from joining the West Coast Motorcycle Ride to Live. We were up at 6 am and thanks to the Harley Electraglide down at Trev Deely with time to spare for registration and getting into line.  We were at the national Ride for Dad when it began and this local Ride to Live is still raising money for Prostate Cancer and research.  I like that the Police, Military, Fire and Rescue riders all join in.  I saw Gospel Riders and Sober Riders so it was a great community event with hundreds of motorcycles.  A lot more women out on bikes than ever before.  And all sizes of bikes with the smallest being a Honda 90 trail bike.  Harleys, Dukatis, BMW's, Victory's, Yamaha's, Honda's, anything with 2 wheels and some with three. I missed the opening prayer but enjoyed the incredible singing of Oh Canada which brought a tear to my eye.
The parade lead from Trev Deely to Port Moody with escorts a staggered motorcycle rows of two. Very impressive.  Gilbert was a champ.  He saw his neighbourhood friend Emory there too.  The two of them were the only dogs I saw.  The ride from Port Moody went on to Canadian Tire in Mission, then Fort Langley and back to Cloverdale.  The rain was only a drizzle but it required more attention driving.  I loved the camaraderie.  I followed a couple of bikers, one on an orange harley and the other with his son wearing the Baptista jacket on a Ducati.  I'd told them I'd got lost a couple of years before  and they actually waited when I was cut off from them by a change of lights. That sort of behaviour characterized the ride.  Everyone friendly and communicating and respectful of the road and other drivers.  Great country riding too.  Fun to be part of a rally and seeing all the other bikes flying the Ride to Live flags. IMG 0207

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