Thursday, May 23, 2013

Morning Dream

I woke from a dream
Of the perfect house
Made of wood with all the boxes and tables
And chairs built into wood walls
So polished and open and free
Looking out onto nature
With nearby hills and valleys
And friends as neighbours
I almost thought I'd like to live ashore
But I'm still too young for that life
What would I do without the smell of the sea
Where would I be without the wind in my sails
What would I think if there wasn't the
Ever present threat of storms
And just a little hole sinking a very big boat.
I might move ashore, Lord
And forget
That all I really have is you
At sea I'm always close to you
And the knowledge that all is Grace
There is no certainty in sailing
There are no absolutes or promises
Except that of change and uncertainty
Even at dock the storm may find you
Yet there is no better place to be
When winds are fair
And seas are calm
Then I feel lifted as on eagles wings
And know you are with me always.

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