Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another day

It's another day and I'm still alive. Any day above the grass is a good day. I'm still praying for heaven and hoping for a chance at the Rapture. It's not like I'm that enamoured with this life not to want to get off the planet. The Virgin Billionaire's space plane would be a hoot. What to do till the Messiah Comes includes that option though the price is more than closet space in Vancouver real estate. I enjoyed all of the CBC programming on morality and ethics and political discussions regarding Syria's chemical weapons today. Any day that driving to and from work I can enjoy CBC is a good day. The evening program was Ideas. I shared with a friend how I'd enjoyed Tapestry and he listened to it too. Reminded me of the old days when I enjoyed most of CBC programming, especially Barbara Fromm. We all talked about it back then. Now it's often just 'group think' and the politics is so often irritating. Politics is happening now with the local elections and continued economic crisis that has so many suffering in my practice. I think at times I hear Nero fiddling but then convince myself of the need to remain positive. Life continues to improve. I'm tired though. More aches and pains. More limitations. I did enjoy work. I'm thankful for work. I'm thankful for the opportunity to help others with all the training my mentors and teachers gave me. I'm thankful for the cutting edge research that continues to amaze me. I just wish I wasn't always so busy and could have the time to learn more of the latest. But if I did I'd not know as I do now what really is an important breakthrough. I liked the STD virus vaccine which would make cervical and prostatic cancer essentially obsolete. I love the research on alcohol's effects on brain proteins too. Was glad though to diagnose the tender enlarged liver today on exam and send the fellow for an ultrasound. I correctly confirmed a patella bursitis which showed up on ultrasound and I was right to recommend conservative treatment. Keep hearing of others with foot pain and wonder if it's a response to some new viral flu like illness or just good ole rheumatism. All the money that came into the office went out on maintenance and overhead. I'm always surprised at how ignorant people are of business when they are protected by salaried or union jobs where they don't have to pay for things like phones, computers, staff, and don't have pensions or extra health care benefits if they don't pay for them. I think of all the people on disabilities and vacations and know they don't know that business people generally can't do that without enormous cost. Enjoyed discussing the overhead issues with a couple of patients who are struggling with all the increasing costs of government, the higher taxes and the burden of responsibility carrying the weight without any increase in income. I've got to really consider evaluating what I'm doing. I've done so much charity work and pro bono work for so many years and increasingly realize that others so often just consider you a 'mark'. Generosity to the cannibals is just weakness. I'm enjoying Gilbert. He's such a happy enjoyable little fellow who makes me laugh. I'm praying a lot. I need to pray more. Thank you God for this day and all the blessings. Help me serve you and help me to overcome my fears.

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