Friday, May 3, 2013

My Brother Visits

I'm very fortunate to have a great older brother. Thanks to him I'm very fortunate to have a great sister in law. Thanks to them I'm very fortunate to have very remarkable and interesting nephews. Part of the fun of family is watching their adventures like one might watch movie stars in the very best of theatre. My brother Ron was my hero when I was a child and he's always confirmed my high esteem through his life of work and service and creativity. He really shone helping my aging parents. It's always been a privilege to visit his and Adell's home in Ottawa. I was really thankful when they agreed to take me up on my offer to lend my beloved Mazda Miata for the great Pacific Coast Drive to San Francisco and back. Ron's a photographer and Adell's a sports car enthusiast.

When they arrived I only had time to show them my sailboat, SV GIRI out on the hard, Tom fixing the prop and rudder damaged on our trip home together by sail from Hawaii. We think all of the wear and tear has finally been addressed and the SV Giri is ready for off shore cruising once again. Not that I have any immediate plans. It's just nice to know the boat is back to what it's meant to be.

 At the Miata I was amazed Ron and Adell had actually brought just the right amount for the very limited storage. My friend, Laura, had travelled with me on my Harley limited to one saddlebag so when she toured with me in the Miata she was stepping up in what she could carry. Ron and Adell are quite the travellers. I'd put them up in the new north short Pinnacle Hotel by Lonsdale Quay.

We had lunch at the great North Vancouver Greek Restaurant, Anatoli Souvlaki. Their country lamb is a fabulous. Tom and I had dinner there last night and I'd forgotten my Irish cap. I hadn't even noticed it missing but the young male server, seeing me there again for lunch suddenly reappeared with my hat. The service and staff are another reason for loving this restaurant. Ron and Adell and I had great meals, with Gilbert get tidbits through the railing as he sat outside on the sidewalk visiting with passing dogs. Great to chat.

We're have more time on the return but they needed a rest and after the flight and I needed to get to the Turning Point Gala. They were planning a 7 am departure to miss traffic and get over the border. IMG 2997IMG 2995IMG 2998IMG 2999
IMG 3001

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