Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Cleaning Saturday March

It's a beautiful sunny Saturday. This morning I took a load over to the storage locker where Hannah is completing the cleaning and organization with 2 strong men. She's quite a leader and the locker suddenly has twice the room available so I'll have a place to store the boat trailer.  I brought the pressure washer back to the boat with me. I took the tarps off the  boat, one I'd cut holes in for drainage going to the garbage while the others was folded away under the dinghy.  I pressure washed the boat IN SHORTS, and galoshes.  Gilbert watched until two dogs came to visit my neighbour then the three of them raced back and forth up and down the dock after sniffing and piddling everywhere.  The soot hasn't gone but all the green organics was removed.  I expect the boat is going to need a top coat of paint soon. That would really make it very pristine and yachty indeed.  Right now despite the pressure wash it has maintained its slightly scow like appearance.  It's really a working boat and not an effete racer by any means.  I'm disappointed that while I cleaned below decks a month or two or three ago, Gilbert's lack of house keeping has caused it to look surprisingly untidy.  I found the table top once this winter but now I've lost it again.  One bit of work gets done and another takes precedence.
Now I suppose I just have to go out motorcycling because it's that kind of day.  I've done some boat work.   Now to get on leathers and make a move before this couch calls me a little more.

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