Thursday, March 28, 2013


I imagine heaven as a place of light.  I'm flying and others are too. There's instant communication and no deception. Our thoughts and feelings are all true and suffused with the realization of love and interconnectedness  My family and friends are there, the animals I've love. I've walking with God in Eden naming and talking with Jesus and Martha and Mary.  Mohammed is there and Isaiah, Krishna and Socrates.  I may meet them or at least wave at them standing nearby.  I lived C.S. Lewis description of heaven, closer and closer neighbourhoods to God.  I liked best Mark Twain's description of heaven in Captain Stormfield's Visit to heaven. I imagine having a pig farm or helping out Noah with the animals or maybe gardening with Adam.  I don't imagine sexual parts in heaven or plumbing just orgasmic potential with all the Eve like women of my past, present and future. I expect there will be homosexuality in heaven too.  It just won't have that cheesy bar quality to it because there will be no drunkeness or drug addiction. There won't be theft or crime or murder and everyone will come together.  I imagine a whole lot of joy and agape and rest.  Floating sensations and beautiful vistas.  And learning.  I think the libraries of heaven will be unbelievable and wonderful games of flying tag and three dimensional chess.  I don't imagine getting bored or tired or having pain but laughing a whole lot.  I long to see my parents and talk about this time. Maybe it will be a bardot event and another cast will plan another lifetime play with last life loser being the winner.  I might be my father or sister or older brother.  Maybe i'll know my immortality this time round , discussing thought with Buddha and listening to Solomon tell me how best to think before I enter lethe.  Maybe they'll be dancing but with wings.  I imagine the smells will be like the tropical flowers of Saipan and Hawai. i'd like to be able to skip through time and visit the Restaurant at the End of the Universe from Adams, Hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy or go back and see Jesus and Peter walking on the sea of Gallilee.  There will be Chinese people, Indians, aboriginals, English, French, blacks, whites and people from Louisiana and even politicians, at least the ones who said their prayers, and Australians for sure.  There will be people from all over the world vaguely looking like they did before the died and went to heaven. Eventually everyone goes there.  Even those who go to hell don't go for 'eternity' just a long time and purgatory is a state of mind.  Everyone gets to heaven eventually.  It's a pilgrim's progress with a lot of detours and we can pray for others we know in the game of life below.  It's a distraction in heaven, checking out the earth scenario but mostly we're moving forward through time and space and dimension, growing with wonder and joy.  I imagine heaven a fine place in deed and the most direct way there being following the spiritual laws which are pretty much laid out by Jesus and others who say much the same as he did. It's love really.  Fear is backwards.

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