Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Elizabeth and Phil

It was a thorough delight to be greeted at the end of clinic by Dr. Feely. Elizabeth and Phil had just arrived back for Easter from Saudi Arabia where she is working in medical education and Phil is doing statistical analysis. Gilbert was ecstatic to see his friend Elizabeth whose been gone months but years in dog life. He barked and squealed and ran circles round and round her.

We had a little time over a delicious Italian dinnner at Cafe Rustico on Main. The lasagna was superb. The service impecable. We sat outside so Gilbert could be beside us on the street. He devoured the meatballs made especially for him. He wouldn't leave the sides of Elizabeth and Phil. They together regaled me with tales of expat hiking through desert wadis, learning arabic language, medical students and Saudi culture. Thanks to Phil's little camera memory I was able to see pictures of the ultra modern city and the rustic desert. They both looked terrific and were a thoroughly delight to see,

Friends. After dinner we went on to St. James Anglican Church for the Office of Tenebrae service.

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