Sunday, March 10, 2013

Harrison Hot Spring March Motorcycle Trip

I've been going to Harrison Hotsprings for a quarter century, and the last few years I've been motorcycling there.  I usually stay in the Bungalows, the Ramada or the Harrison Hotsprings and Spa.  I like the Ramada for it's love of Gilbert, Rockamoles Restaurant, safe underground motorcycle parking and walk across the street to the public pool.
I bought an new Honda CRF250L motorcycle for on road off road, for hunting and just getting about. Honda Marine outfitted a rack for Gilbert's dog carrier bag to sit on.  We didn't get away till 4 pm on Saturday but caught the last of the sun and warmth. It was great to be in the country riding along the river, smelling all the country smells. It got cold and dark after Mission but the bike performed marvellously. I was worried about Gilbert being cold. I sure was. But in his coat and box protected from the wind by me he was just fine. We had one stop on the way at St. John the Divine, the 150 year old Anglican church near Maple Ridge.  The other one was at the Hemlock Valley road where Gilbert and I peed in the woods. I took some pictures there too. The Honda CRF250L handled extremely well on the highway, even doing well when the road was beginning to ice in the dark.  The lights were perfect.
We arrived at the Ramada (nee Executive) Hotel and there was room.  Let out of his box Gilbert ran right into the hotel recognizing it from previous visits.  I checked in and took him up to the room before going down to drive my motorcycle into the locked underground parking.  Next I walked Gilbert some before going down to Rockamoles to order steak and prawns and mashed potatoes with apple pie with ice cream.  I ordered Gilbert a burger.  When it arrived it was delicious.  I watched I, Robot with Will Smith.  It may have been a sequel. I really enjoyed it and know I saw the original but couldn't remember this one.
In the morning Gilbert really sprung forward and woke us at 6:30 am which was indeed 7:30 am.  We walked about the lagoon before going to the local favourite Chuck and Kitty's for their breakfast sandwich.  I took some pictures of some of the many favourite places and stores in Harrison's. Gilbert had a couple of sausages he inhaled.  Back in the room I blogged about the same story as this eating my sandwich and drinking the great coffee.  Done that I left Gilbert and walked across to the public pool where I spent an hour meditating and praying while soaking in the healing springs.  I love it.
I packed up back in the hotel, checked out and was glad to get to the motorcycle.  Loading it up I drove out of town along the winding East Side of Harrison Lake past the Sasquatch Campground  onto the gravel dirt logging road.  The bike handled superbly. That' s where I took more pictures of Gilbert and the bike by a waterfall.  Then we circled back to drive onto Hick's Lake.
The drive back to Harrison's and onto Chilliwack was chilly.  In Chilliwack I stopped to use the Scotia bank letting Gilbert stretch his legs.  Then we headed onto the freeway where I was doing 115 km  just fine and could have made 120 or more if I'd had full open throttle. Because it's a brand new bike I've not been pushing it. Also with Gilbert in the back with me I drive like I have a child along.  That's good for both of us.
At Abbotsford I filled up again. I'd filled up in Agazziz on the way up.  I'm getting good gas mileage considering a tank costs about $6.50 for 91 premium gas and I only filled up twice doing 300 km.  I had coffee inside at Mugs Coffeeshop, having some mushroom soup as well. I was cold but Gilbert was just fine, happy to have a couple of the dog treats I put outside for him.
It began to rain cats and dogs around Langley.  That took the chill off.  I detoured to Golden Ears Bridge to get back to number 7 highway and off the freeway.  I'd come up the other side of the river on the 7 and Barnet Hwy then come back on the freeway on the other side of the Fraser River. I crossed it at Agazziz.  Now I was back on the route I'd started on.  The rain let up in Port Coquitlam.  Gilbert didn't seem bothered at all.
I was glad to get to Hastings and cruise on home putting the bike in the back of the truck till I take it out next.  It's a great bike and what a great weekend we had. I love Harrisons. I love Gilbert.  And I  love the new Honda CRF 250L.  I put a fire on. I'm aching but I'm going to sleep well tonight.
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