Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Vancouver Journal

A grey sweet day with just a little drizzle and some hope of sun. We've had a lot of marvellous sunny days already this spring. Loved seeing the crocuses out by St. James Anglican Church. Downtown eastside with drug addiction and poverty, urban disease and bullies on the streets but these little precious purple blossoms shooting up from the ground reaching for the stars. Gives me hope.
I pray for direction and clarity. I ask God in morning meditation to lead me. Thy will be done not mine. Then I go onto think of motorcycles and boats. I had dinner with a friend and he reminisced about childhood. Aging all those people he knew as a boy come back to him and he wonders what's become of childhood friends.
I remember my parents in their late 60's driving across Canada stopping in on old neighbours. I went once with them and there was this very old person wondering who we were and why we were there. I thought at the time is was strange of my parents to visit these 'strangers' but now I know the sadness was the old lady, paranoid, in her home and much prefered the man who'd lived down the street and laughed to see my parents. We're curious to see how things turned out. We wonder how the kid in the third row in grade 2 got on. It's human kindness.
I loved going to a high school reunion. I love seeing old friends, acquaintenances on facebook and seeing how their lives turned out, where they got to, what they're doing.
An old friend told me last week he'd bought corn fields in Thailand where he's married a young woman and has a couple of babies. He's become a farmer. The first 50 years of his life he had a business in northern BC in sales. Now's he's gone back to the land. He was happy and frankly I'm surprised as I never thought such imagination in him.
Doctors I know are off doing missionary work after years of relatively limitted suburban practices and running noses. Now they're alive in the originality of medicine feeling they're doing what they were trained to do, loving the craft of their studies.
Another friend is retired and travelling in the Phillipines. I wonder if he's going to be motorcycling. I'm just thinking of getting the Harley on the road.
Several friends have moved to Mexico.
I'm loving Vancouver this spring. I'm thinking motorcycles and boats and looking at new harnasses for Gilbert to be secure in various types of vehicles but otherwise I'm fairly content in this city. Work is interesting still in the way I want it with only some major speed bumps in the highway. I love walking the dog on off leash dog walks chatting with other dog owners about the rude behaviours of our furry friends. Yesterday was particularly fun with Gilbert playing with a golden lab and a couple of Bernese Shepherding Dogs, the owners watching the rollying running playing mass of fur.
I've especially good books to read and the Canadian Authors Association keeps putting out more and knowing the people I enjoy reading their books more. Aim gave me the Post American World by Fareed Zakaria and it's more hopeful than CBC news so enjoyable to read.
I 'm considering a Hebrew course wanting to know Isaiah more, reading the history of the Sh'ma.
It's Lent and I'm enjoying preparation for Easter. The authorities killed Jesus and would if he were to come today. Herod's and Pontius Pilots are abundant. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. It's amazing how much we progress with the anchors dragging in the past. But crimes falls, disease is cured, wars kill fewer, progress is everywhere. And still the farmers and fisherman and scientists solve the problems of the world while others do what. I like the idea of hewing wood and carrying water.
It's all about participation. I'm in this life. I'm thankful to work and pay taxes. I'm lonely at times but Gilbert is there for that. I've regrets and unfulfilled dreams but I look about and I've been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. So much is perspective. I'm less concerned about the half filled or half empty glass as I'm thankful to have the glass.
God is good. God is all. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord of Creation and all the energy made matter, dreams made life, the imagination and the reality of this occasion. Help me to know this day fully and live in the celebration of life adding to it's beauty and charm and healing where I may. Thank you.

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