Sunday, March 31, 2013

Reckless Cycles - Granville Island -cycling Vancouver Seawall

The guys at Reckless are incredible. First they found the perfect basket for Gilbert. Then they tuned up my Navigator bicycle, finding a dangerous fault I'd not noticed. They fixed that. The bike might have ceased otherwise. Who needs that when I'm carrying Gilbert. They found a heavy duty rack and installed that for Gilbert, even put in some cardboard for comfort till I get some carpet. Really caring smart guys. Lars was the name of the one doing the work but a really good looking younger guy did the climbing on the ladders to find just the right racks and baskets.
I was dressed in sports jacket and tie having come from church with the intent of just picking the bike up. But seeing the work they did, I decided I wanted to take a ride with Gilbert on the seawall.
West Marine across the street had the perfect boat shorts I live in on the sailboat. I got a pair. My otherones have crossed an ocean and are ripped and faded to perfect. Time to start breaking in a new pair. They had this great blue shirt too and a light weight typhoon jacket, perfect as a wind breaker. Up the street there was a doggie store on 4th which had a light weight red harness for Gilbert.
Back at Restless I bought a cool black helmut. It's something you'd see in Sons of Anarchy. Come to think of it, other than the fact I'd blown my knee so couldn't ride for awhile, the other reason was vanity. I never liked the space age pointy helmut I had. This new one is stylin.
Geared up, I strapped Gilbert in his new box and we were off! Fantastic. First thing I noticed is that it didn't accelerate with a twist of the handle. Too much time on motorcycles. Just a little adjustment time and I was hoofing it around the seawall. My good knee felt it on the uphill so I played a bit with the gears. Amazing how much easier it is to ride uphill in the right gear.
Gilbert meanwhile was just fine. He's used to being carried about on vehicles. An old pro. What he liked best was the leash free area for dogs by the duck pond. Letting him out of the box he shot across the field and visitted all dozen of the dogs spread around the place. He's a little rude with his greetings but the other dog owners didn't take notice. He was everywhere. Lightening fast. Playing with big dogs and little dogs and finally coming back when I called.
More bicycling along the sea wall. I got to go by Leg In Boot Square where I'd had my psychotherapy office. Nostalgia lane. There was the place we'd first moored the Giri too at Stamps Landing. That was 6 months of really fine living and loving times. I rememberered the geese coming down from balconies on elevators with their little goslings in tow for their first swim. That's a special event and I expect the geese are still nesting in balconies and still the folks here are doing the annual spring ceremony of helping the geese families who have coopered humans in their reproductive cycles.
Another fenced leash free park appeared beyond Monks Restaurant, a place I'd had a lot of fine meals at when I'd had the boat in False Creek. Gilbert loved playing with a Great Dane here. I just sat and watched. What a great sunny spring Vancouver day.
We bicycled back along the sea wall leaving Granville Island. Everyone was out, some cycling, most walking, some rollerblading. Sun gets people outdoors here, that's for sure. The cherry blossoms, daffodils and tulips were a real eye treat. Not to mention all the beautiful people on the seawall.
I stopped at Reckless and thanked them profusely. Hoorah for Reckless Cycles. They're the best. What a great ride.
Now I'm on Commercial having a italian sausage sandwich and americano sitting in the sun outside Caffe Roma Sports Bar. The folks here know how to make a sandwich. There's a gym around the side. I imagine this is the sort of place Sylvestor Stallone would frequent. Old Italy. Gilbert is tied to the rail and greeting all the small dogs that go by.
The bicycle is locked in the back of the truck. Thanks to Reckless I'm going to get some exercise touring Gilbert about. Not quite the harley but they don't let the harley on the seawall and the seawall is a very special part of Vancouver. Incredible!

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