Friday, March 8, 2013

Mother Teresa Is Dead, Pacific Theatre, Vancouver

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Mother Teresa Is Dead, by Helen Edmundson, is playing March 1 -23 at the Pacific Theatre, (604-731-5518) West 12th at Hemlock, Vancouver, BC Canada.  Delicately directed by Evan Frayne this Bollywood Theatre set in Madras India stars Julie McIsaac as an English plain Jane caught in a spiritual crisis as a Mom, and Wife lost in western consumerism fleeing from family to the familiar strange of simple giving.  Katharine Venuour plays Frances the older English beauty who grew up in India and now lives there a lost artist seeking a lost home in a foreign land.  Kayvon Kelly plays Srinvas, Oxford educated rational sexist Indian guru saviour offering salvation to western women while competing with western men, sensitively at home with himself.   Sebastian Kroon plays Mark, English lower middle class football loving husband and father leaving his son to chase his wife half a world away for sake of family in an alienated England.  There is so much rich acting and such angry sad and frightened emotion with east and west politics, faint compassion and certainty of hope.  Somewhere in all this genius there's love and prayer and finally human touch among men and women.  It's an amazing play typical of the thought provoking inspirational heart wrenching finely crafted work Pacific Theatre is renowned for.  I'm so thankful to have been there and can only recommend this to all.  Helen Edmundson is a truly remarkable writer reminiscent of Noel Coward.
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