Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cafe Italiano, Cafe Rustico, Main Street, Vancouver

My friends, Elizabeth and Phil, surprised me at the end of clinic today having just returned from Saudi Arabia where they are working in one of the country's fine medical schools. They were here on vacation for Easter Week, and like me planning on attending the Office of Tenebrae service that night at St. James Anglican Church. Gilbert, my cockapoo, was with me so we had to find a restaurant with outdoor seating, which given the balmy weather was in itself attractive.
How fortunate we were to come across Cafe Italiano, Cafe Rustico on the East side of Main Street between 12th and 16th. The manager/owner was a thorough delight, convivial and entertaining in the finest of European way. I saw there was pasta with a real variety, that night's specials being lasagna or canelloni. Phil and I opted for the lasagna while Elizabeth had the canelloni. The meal was superb. Having just been in Italy a year before I felt I was teleported back to the fine fair there. We had robust Caesar salads and exquisite afterdinner tea and cafe au lait's. We also had scrumptuous chocolate cookies. Gilbert had three meatballs he simply devoured and looked up wanting more.
What a feast.
What a marvellous place to bring friends and have good times. Italians do know how to eat well.
Caffe' Italiano, Cafe Rustico is such a fine place, I would recommend it to anyone and look forward to many more meals there myself.

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