Saturday, March 23, 2013

West Vancouver Horseshoe Bay Motorcycle Ride

The Marine Drive ride from West Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay is an all time favourite. Cyclists do it. Scooters do it. And I've done it in every bike I've owned. It's really sweet on the big Harley. Curving 60 km well pavved road with great views of the ocean. And the finest property in the lower mainland. This year there's more for sale signs than I've ever seen. If I had an extra million or ten I'd consider one of these spectacular properties.

But what do the rich know that I don't know. They seem en mass to be getting out of real estate. On the other hand it may just be old money with the typical kids that can't or won't compete with their parents. Rags to riches in three generations, riches to rags in one. I don't know. It's all above my pay grade. I just admire the amazing work that has gone into creating these magnificent estates with great waterfronts or waterfront views.

Horseshoe Bay itself has the feel of a little island town. I could be on Salt Spring with the ferries coming and going, the marina and tourists everywhere. Seaside sanctuary at it's finest.

I'd thought to have fish and chips, because this is the pace for that but there was Starbucks and Gilbert can sit outside with me here. I'll pick up some fish at the market in West Vancouver and fry up my own.

Gilbert rode up on the back of the bike and only howled when an ambulancee went by. He yodled with the siren causing everyone at a nearby bus stop to smile. He's a great little biker dog. Great March day on the coast. And I love this Honda CRF 250L. It's a really sweet motorcycle.

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I like Honda products especially

just look at the fit and finish