Friday, March 15, 2013


Thank you, Lord,  for the pain
As it reminds me I am alive.
Thank you, for the suffering,
As it points the way,
Or the opposite way.

Somewhere there is a compass,
And I would ask that you fix mine,
Sweet Jesus.

There is loneliness, alienation, self pity, and fear
In this realm of selfishness and concern
Where gravity is all,
And the lightness of being is within:
Cliche reminders of another
Inner world of peace,
Outside there is but war
Difference, discord and disease.

I am seeking you, Holy Spirit
In all my heart and soul.
I'm longing for you.
Let me know you.
Open the doors wide,
That I may come in,
I would be with you, my Lord,
God of all Creation and un creation,
Friend, and lover, known and unknown.

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