Sunday, March 24, 2013

Deep Cove Night Motorcycle Ride

Deep Cove is a sweet little town in North Vancouver. I motored up there in the SV Giri under the Second Narrows Bridge, and having the railway bridge raised to allow my mast to clear. I've gone up by boat a few times over the years especially loving that first adventure with the beautiful young woman I was married to then. I can't remember if we anchored that first time or moored. I do remember the great meal ashore. Deep Cove is known for it's fine food, the perfect little getaway.
This time Gilbert and I simply rode over on the Honda CRF 250 motorcycle, a splendid little drive along the shore line. In Deep Cove there's a park. We dismounted there and Gilbert had a marvellous dog time with fresh virgin territory rich in scent and unmarked by himself.
On the way back we turned up Mount Seymour parkway only going as far as the sign that said winter tired were needed until April 30. With Gilbert riding on the back of the bike I didn't want any slippery spills. We passed Parkgate Mall and another mall down along Dollarton. Great little local delights with specialty foods and shops. North Vancouver reminds me of when I lived in Marin County, San Francisco. Each little town and local that made up the area was distinctive. Deep Cove certainly has that flavour along with the area around it.
Great little night ride.

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