Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Canadian Author's Association - West Coast - March 13 2013

What a joy to be among genius!
Margot Bates ( , opened the night by introducing the Stand and Deliver reader, Joyce Goodwin.  Joyce read an excerpt from an Irish short story previously published in Anthology.  A  coming of age tale of an Irish boy in the 'troubles', the  pranks in Catholic school  back dropped by a callously grenade slaughtered horse outside in the road. Joyce's characterization and wit well deserved the applause she received at the end of a very fine reading.
Dennis Bolan (  introduced himself and his  fellow panel members,  Eileen Cook (, Ian Weir ( and Margaret Hume (Margaret A.Hume - Author, Biographer, Editor :: Hosted by CAA Vancouver Branc What amazing creative and talented folk they all were.  Yet they looked and sounded simply human.
Each of these gloriously published writers spoke humbly of their extraordinary achievements.  Each and everyone is the envy of their literary communities.  The breadths of their works ranged from poetry, fiction, non fiction, play writing, movie scripts and television, biography and memoir. For 2 hours they each and together enthralled us with personal anecdotes and writer's perspectives on career highlights and lateral shifts.  What remarkable story tellers they were.  The question and answer period was equally telling with audience members, mostly writers, asking questions of their own struggles to find a voice and to be heard.  Talk of character and copywrite mixed with insights into plot and characterization.  To quote a cliche I don't know where the time went.  Yet everyone was applauding. Laughter and handshakes as people were standing pulling on coats, lingering and mingling before leaving for the door.
I remembered we entered that special room.  Some magic spell  was cast.  P.S. Don't Tell Your Mother. Daniel O'Thunder , Arctic Air. Stupid Crimes, Kaspoti. The Wake Trilogy. The Almost Truth.  Just Mary.
I'm so thankful to have been there.  I feel touched by something more than human, that which is truly human.
Today smoke rose above the Vatican.  Light had flooded the Sistine Chapel where Michelangelo's God touched Adam,  St. Francis, the first pope of the Americas.  There was a spark in this room tonight.  A special glow.  I felt it.  The holy ghost on a donkey or a pony?

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