Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gratitude Wednesday

Thank you Lord for this sunny day.  Protect me from all enemies.  Thank you for the air we breathe and the water we drink.  Protect me from all curses.  Protect me from stupidity.  Protect me from resentments of the past. Thank you for the moon and stars that have been in the sky protecting the night. Thank you for the sea breeze. Thank you for family and friends. Protect them all from evill  Watch over your loved ones as we watch over ours helping us to care as you do.  Give us strength and health to resist all disease and negativity.  Help me to be joyful and give me peace.  Help us to be your servant. Guide us.  Protect us from immature and angry and fearful ones.  Save us from temptations and vices.  Thank you for the work and service you offer. Thank you for this easter week.  Thank you for your love of this world and all who are in it. Thank you for your loving example.  Thank you for teaching us that animals revenge but only humans can love their enemy.  Help me to love my enemies but protect me from them. Help me too to learn to detach with love.  Help me to walk in right ways .  Help me to avoid all places and people and things that are harmful.  Thank you for food and visions and sound and hearing. Thank you for our animal friends.  Be close to those who I am close too.  Thank you for easter and all that it means. Help me to grow in understanding and wisdom.

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