Sunday, June 27, 2010

Green Zone

A great war and intrigue movie starring an amazing Matt Damon as rogue American soldier. It's a story about the search for the disappearing WMD. Director Paul Greengrass. Screenwriter Brian Helgeland. Based on book, Imperial Life in the Emerald City, by Rajiv Chandrasekaran, who was Washington Post Bureau Chief in Bagdad and is now National Editor.

The question that is addressed is 'trust'. Whose going to trust America is doing the right thing or the good thing. When Caligula ruled Rome Romans and others listened because the emperor controlled the army but was Caligula good and right. Some would say power is right. Thereafter whoever has power defines what is 'good'.

I can't forget 9-11. Bin Laden terrorists supposedly are the cause. Bin Laden is Saudi. Then suddenly 'invade Iraq' is the solution. Kill Saddam Husein yet Saddam Husein isn't related to Bin Laden. There was this huge "leap of faith".

There is also no doubt now whatsoever that there was a cover up. All the people who were supposed to ensure against a 9-11 scenario appear to have been promoted. The investigation simply never addressed the obvious questions. But to question 9-11 is to be unpatriotic. I think it's horrible that people died in 9-11 and I don't hate firemen. I just don't like liars. It's the way my mother raised me.

Now we'll still looking for Bin Laden and the so called Weapons of Mass Destruction. Great movie.

Was Saddam Hussein killed because he knew Dick Cheney was hiding Bin Laden in Texas?. Anything can go missing in Texas. I wouldn't be surprised if they found Elvis and Kennedy's real shooter were being held by Halliburton in Roswell.

I thought I'd never say it, but American politics make Harper and Ignatieff look like Canadian good ole boys. They might have sex with moose or burn blacks in Prince George but they'd never tell the kind of fibs American presidents do. Either that or Clinton really didn't know what he was doing with Monica was sexual.

It sure makes prayer more attractive. Great movie.

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