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I don't understand business, economics or money. I like money. Money is a kind of power. It's an energy of a kind as well. I heard a sermon once in a California church by a woman who said that she'd one day decided that money was spiritual energy for herself. How it came in and went out related to her love and fear. Ironically the stock market is affected by sunny days.
I just fixed a hole in my wallet. I thought it was a metaphor. It was a $3 repair. During the week or so I had the hole I tipped generously and gave a way change because it was 'inconvenient'.
I have a family member who would never consider any 'money' inconvenient. He's rich as a result. "Count the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves", he's always said and his success speaks for itself. Meanwhile I'm often playing the 'big shot' flashing a $5 bill as a 'tip' when really I don't get tipped in my work. And why would I need to 'impress' the tip receiver. Tipping is an odd system with it's belligerence and institutional begging but I remember thinking less of my father because he never 'tipped' bad service. I felt somehow I should 'tip' always so only varied the amount, tipping more for 'good service' and less for bad but really frankly usually tipping 10 then 15 per cent mostly out of fear. Fear that I'd not be 'seen' as the 'good' guy.
G20 is about money. The rich have it and poor don't. It's about individuals and nations. A pretty strong argument is made for a few rich families controlling the whole of money apparatus going back to medieval times. My Chinese friend described his family making 3 generation investments in property. The grandfather bought the property knowing the son and grandson would pay because of the honor in the family. The cost of that 'honour' is something a more free wheeling individual would object to but the grandson is thankful for his 'ancestors' decisions and now makes similar decisions regarding his family.
When I married into great wealth I found it interesting that the 'revolutionary' children only went so 'far' . A call from the grandfather to the mother saying he was displeased with what he heard was a clear statement that the maverick would be out of the will if he didn't pull in. I watched the tack change and thought how sad it was for all the other 'revolutionaries' who had nothing to fall back on and no 'safety net' of family. To them the 'cause' was all. Lenin and the boys weren't poor nor was Castro. Revolutionaries so often are like Bin Laden, angry children of rich families.
When I told a brilliant psychiatrist about all the fights I'd been in rescuing women and underdogs, describing the guns I'd faced and scars I'd acquired, he simply said, "Isn't it equally possible you like to fight and look for a cause to justify getting into a scrap especially if the odds are against you". Whether or not my psychotherapist was telling the truth I did notice that I didn't 'volunteer' for a punch up with any alacrity after that. Indeed today I'm the last one to get into a fight but I'd put that less to wisdom and more to being fat and old. I'd certainly begrudge my elder psychiatrist colleague his Christian wisdom as well. I'd like to keep a little 'pride'.
The reformer is the enemy of anyone who benefits from the status quo. G20 are doing their best for their countries to keep them on 'top'. Meanwhile the poorer nations are wanting what the richer nations have and making all manner of arguments to support their case.
Coulter was gagged by University of Ottawa, Allan Rock whose 'litany of ad hominems' against her was trite at best, but unbecoming a president of a University. Allan Rock wants what Coulter has and Coulter wants what China has. They no doubt study Stalin and Hitler and admire everything they did without the killing and gassing. But then what rich person or poor person for that matter hasn't at some times said you have to 'crack a few eggs if you want to make an omellette'.
All students of politics are encouraged to study Machiavelli who given Rome's penchant of making only old Italian men saints has never been considered. Yet if there was a sainthood class in politics and economics Machiavelli would stand aside St. Peter or St. Francis.
So where did democracy go? Where did power to the people go? World banks control the world and it's only 500 years or so ago that Kings could only go to war if their bankers or 'taxmen' brought them enough funds to outfit their armies.
Canada is in Afghanistan because of poppies and American is in Iraq because of oil. It's not that wars are means of my guys to get your guys gold but rather for my guys to control of the access. It's all about licenses, tarriffs and access. In the world of information it's all about who can 'censor".
And that's what Robert Graves said Helen of Troy was all about, metaphor. Helen was the trade route to the east.
So now if we control the opium trade and oil trade we can control the money which are based on a percentage of the wealth associated with these commodities. There's a lot of diamonds. So many that it would be little different from glass were it not for the 'control' of the diamond 'trade'. Remove the control and all those women who accepted the 'security' of thousands of dollars of pretty rock,( the vestiges of 'bride price' without the collateral 'dowry' as yet more evidence of the present 'matriarchal' state) and keening and wails would be heard throughout the land.
Real estate is like diamonds in that sense. Is land really owned or 'leased'. Interesting, as Canada sells lands 'freely' all over, the Canadians aren't allowed to buy land in foreign countries. Yet 'discrimination' is commonly a complaint against Canadian men. Racism was never racism when it was against 'whites'.
So to some extent that biased 'liberalism' is a way that supposedly poorer countries argue that they should be 'given' the wealth of richer countries. But a poor country like Mexico has some of the richest people on the planet as Mexicans. It's the disparity of wealth within any country that's more significant.
As Israel rightly argues the Palestinians are poor because other Arabs are rich and don't do for the Palestinians any different than the rich Israelis do for poor jews.
Rich people don't 'give' away their money easily and even Jimmy Buffet and Bill Gates are very careful about who they support, not tipping indiscriminately, but rather rewarding specifically. This was exactly what Rockerfeller did in the 30's.
And Henry Ford said if I gave my wealth freely to everyone everyone would have a dollar more but if I harness my wealth specifically I can make a powerhouse for the production of wealth.
Now if I want wealth like a Non Profit Association I can rescue "mosquitos" and spotted toe mollusks or white babies or sick idiots of genetically deprived parents or whatever through the argument, I need high pay to help a 'victim'. I beg not for myself though I'll get a whole lot of pay in the end but really I'm begging for this other 'victim'. Like American really cared about the Kurd, ha?
University Chancellor jobs are mostly a variation on this sort of 'refined' begging.
At the other end of the spectrum there are 'stock promoters' and 'Hollywood agents". It's all the same really.
I saw a video of police attacking peaceful demonstrators in Toronto. It was pathetic. I was embarrassed to be a Canadian and ashamed of the OPP. But yes I was billy clubbed in the 60's peace demonstrations and today I believe I was mostly confused and afraid. The man in Tieneman Square is still my hero. Gandhi too but then the thousands of deaths that followed his 'nonviolence' gets to the division of arts and science. Arts is about more 'good intentions' more often than not whereas 'science' is more about 'outcome' measures. So Einstein felt personally accountable for the destruction that derived from his theories. I hope that Gandhi would share that insight. Something about butterfly effect and interconnectedness and Jung's collective unconscious coupled to String Theory.
To get back to G20 I saw a video of Black Hoods smashing up Toronto for a really long time with police not taking any action. It was so 'overtly' bizarre that Canadians today 'reasonably' believe that the Black Hoods are G20 'provocateurs'. It's what I'd do in the war of 'public opinion'. It's lets use 9-11 to finish the job Daddy started but didn't complete. It's the only clip released from the pentagon air strike being one shot when there were clearly many cameras just as the Israelies released the one shot of an Israeil soldier being attacked on a ship deck after the Israeli had killed people from above minutes before off camera.
Shakespeare put his best parts 'off stage'. Hitchcock did too. Now the politicians and the protestors do too. And Google today is faced with censorship in China.
So it's not about the 'content' but the 'process'. It's about controlling 'access'. There's all this gold in banks but obviously there's these keys and vaults and things with only certain people controlling 'access'.
Most wealth is inherited. After that 'hard work' and 'good luck' and 'wise decisions' account for the greater acquisition and keeping of wealth.
Canadians didn't make babies. Africans did. I forego the delight of 'many hands to make work light' or 'many mouths to feed' but it's part of the equation.
I don't know much about money, business or economics. I've devoted my life to knowing medicine and psychiatry. If I had done a perfect job everyone would be healthy and sane. If the economists and rulers and bankers had done a perfect job everyone would be rich.
I believe most people are muddling along doing the best they can most of the time. Psychopaths and sociopaths aren't common. Yet I can have one serial murderer who kills only a dozen people and justify using all the resources of the land on 'vengeance' calling it justice where justice is something a whole lot more.
I don't think the government or the protestors should use 'brown shirt' tactics but then I don't like the brawling in hockey. I want to watch a good hockey game without the 'unnecessary' violence. But violence sells Google and Youtube.
It remains evidence of a country's greatness how it treats the sick, poor and mentally ill. The trouble is that today the language has changed. When that statement was made "poor" meant to all the inability to have food, clothing and shelter. Today in Canada 'poor' is a 'relative' term or a term from Marxist rant but it means that if you have 2 lear jets and I have only one then I'm "poor" and mentally ill doesn't mean raving lunatic in an asylum but rather dysthymia. But it's just part of the Vietnam battle for 'hearts and minds'. Who has access to 'language' and who controls the media.
I don't understand money but I know it's spiritual. I've been recording every purchase I make and all my spending for the last six months. It's tedious to the extreme. I've kept receipts and entered totals into this pda device and been a regular accountant. I did this traveling. I did it with water and battery energy on sailing and trekking expeditions. I did it because I know that the rich do this. The rich that I have known personally are extremely hard working, extremely careful with their money, count pennies, and mostly are like my Dad. Cheap and conservative.
Dad said, "there's no free lunch".
So my black sheep jewish surgeon friend from a famous banking family told me he was the rebel because everyone in his family went into finance and he'd wanted to be surgeon. His family despite stereotypes about jews tried desperately to argue him out of his 'dirty' job, 'working with his hands'. He asked me to describe a couch once. I said it was black leather. He said, it was black leather, with a retail price of $3000 and a wholesale price of $300. He told me that in his family as kids they learned 'retail' and 'wholesale' prices the way the children of artists learned the names of colours and the way the children of doctors learned the names of body parts.
My rich friends read the prices in catalogue. It's tedious and boring. My brother reads the business pages of newspapers. He's much better off than my friend who reads the sports pages. I read the comics. I'm not complaining but it's a fact and I accept it that reading the comics is fun and enjoyable.
I don't like that people destroyed windows in Toronto. G20 is people getting together to talk. Boys and girls destroy. Men and women create. Anyone can be a critic. Vandalism isn't a solution. It just means that peaceful demonstrators get hurt. But yea, I know, if it weren't for the Black Panthers the US would never have talked to Martin Luther King. But then who killed Martin Luther King, a black panther associate or the US government, or some wing nut.
Money is spiritual. It's still one of my favorite Beatles songs, "We don't want a revolution." "Give peace a chance!"

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