Saturday, June 26, 2010

CanWrite 2010 – Julie and Colin Angus

I have had the privilege of meeting prime ministers, Nobel Prize Winners, Olympic Athletes and World Religious leaders. I really can't recall being as moved by anyone as much as by Julie and Colin Angus, two thoughtful young adventurers with a baby on the way after hurricanes and Siberian snow storms couldn't come between them.

Colin circumnavigated the world under human power. Julie accompanied him much of the way but especially for the crossing of the Atlantic in which they encountered 2 hurricanes. Julie became the first woman to row from mainland to mainland across the Atlantic. Their epic 2 year journey began at the Maritime Museum in Vancouver and ended there.

I had read Julie Angus' book, Rowboat in a Hurricane, after Phil a retired oceanographer and sea captain, thrust it into my hand last winter saying, "You've got to read this. There's nothing like it." Later at the Canadian Author's Association I would hear Julie's publisher singing her praise as one of the most enjoyable writer's she'd ever had the opportunity to work with. Colin's book of his 2 year, 43,000 km trek Beyond the Horizon is my next must read book.

Waiting to hear them speak at the CAA Literary Awards Banquet, sitting at a table of learned and accomplished writers and genius, the topic was of the devastation of the British Petroleum oil catastrophe. It was so apropos coming spontaneously before these two shining lights of ecology celebrating human energy and renewable resource. Julie and Colin Angus, two spiritually gifted writers and visionaries gave hope by their action and the gift of their presentation and words.

What a priviledge to be in the same room with such humble and humorous superhumans.

Their latest book Rowed Trip described their journey by oar from Scotland to Syria, through 13 countries, across the waterways and lands. For now Julie pats her bulging belly and says "this is our next adventure."

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