Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wagababa Petshop
Gilbert, my 4 month old cockapoo, wanted me to mention Wagababa Petshop in my blog. He says tell everyone he likes the organic dog food but he especially likes the liver dog treats. The really loud squeaky toys he gets from there are the best, too. The doggles, he doesn't like wearing over his eyes, but prefers to wear on his forehead. He thinks it makes him look more cool that way. He likes the staff because they treat him royally and he likes that. There's usually other dogs there too. The dog bed he got there was great until the cat began to use it too. He doesn't like that.
It's beside Tinseltown across from the Starbucks, kitty corner to the T&T. The Andy Livingstone Park is just down the street. He really likes that park, too. Wagababa Petshop rocks!

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