Saturday, June 12, 2010

Andy Livingstone Park

I absolutely love this green space park in the centre of old Vancouver. It's part of the smart growth that has been part of Vancouver's ongoing urban renewal. Juxtaposed to the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classic Garden in old Chinatown reknowned for it's feng shui, the Andy Livingstone Park has it's own grace and spirituality.

Thanks to my downtown office and my dog, Gilbert, I walk in this park most days and am ever pleased by it's continual contoured novelty and beauty. Not large at all, it seems surprisingly spacious. City dwellers sit by the water to mediate as dog walkers meet together on the lawns. A fountain and stream mask the noise of nearby busy streets. The selectively spaced overhanging trees play with the light and shade in simply the most marvelous ways. And all around there are skyscrapers. It is definitely a 4th dimension in urban design. And truly a life space.,+BC&cid=0,0,10003153370751797097&ei=yUcUTIO0K5ayMf3gpcAL&ved=0CBUQnwIwAA&ll=49.280768,-123.106163&spn=0.00336,0.012145&z=16&iwloc=A

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