Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pet Therapy

Gilbert, my 4 month old cockapoo, comes to the clinic with me. Mostly he likes 'greeting'. He makes this initial contact by puppy leaping and jumping all over people. As therapists in general are encouraged to keep their distance only the pet therapist can make full body contact without fear of reprisal. A lot of the more intellectual and emotional aspects of therapy seem dull to him at this time. During really sensitive sessions he joins the receptionist which suits him fine. Already he has his own special clientele. He gives them puppy kisses and sits on their laps wagging his puppy tail. This is especially reassuring for people who have experienced loss in their life. Sometimes owners bring their own dogs along just so they can have his own special attention. This involves romping, rolling and wrestling. Dogs and owners are especially uplifted after these sessions. A long day at the office can be tiring though. After a particularly tough therapy session he can be completely done in. Fortunately for him his boss, actually encourages his napping on the job.

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Lenore Sigrid Clemens said...

wonderful, healing comes in so many forms, thank you Gilbert!