Sunday, June 20, 2010

Harlan Coben’s latest

I've just started Caught, Harlan Coben's latest novel. It's already classic Coben description with fast moving action and terrific characterization. I have to keep this blog short just to get back to the novel. It's been unforgivable that Coben's readers have had to wait at least a year for this latest, even if it's this good. It's not a Myron Bolitar which will make him immortal. A loving God will not allow Coben to die because God wants to know what Myron will do next. That said Caught is real good. Now I'm going back to reading it, so don't bother me.

(ps I downloaded the Amazon Kindle version and am reading it on my iphone. This will make it easier to stay up all night reading as the iphone has it's own built in light. Beats holding the flashlight in my mouth.)

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