Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Truth

You don't know.

Truth is not a commodity or fashion accessory. It is not something to be consumed, worn or marketed. Pre-construct, it is. Old. Very old.

With the regression to the culture of narcissism, there is only the subjective. The subjective is the objective. There is no longer 'truth', only "my" truth. Arrogance incarnate. The political expedient of 'consensus' thinking denies the need for 'closed' ballot. The new bullying is subtle. Individuality, independence and freedom are lost as the crèche becomes all consuming. Sensitivity increases exponentially to the Scream. The overwhelming preening need to be accepted makes inclusivity worthwhile at any cost. Run. Run. Run. Back to the protective womb.

Too late, the old dead womb is found to be a chilly place, reptilian or insectoid but definitely inhuman. It is fear incarnate, this place without humility, this mall for false gods, angry, sterile and safe as abortus. This empress has no clothes. It's not a pretty sight. At her age she should know better. We are not amused. This detour has lead to the depth of abyss. Darkness abounds.

The new tribalism of he and she or just more me in the divide and conquer of the politically savy serves the priviledged few.. The powerful are beyond gender, race, and sexual orientation. They may not even be human. But here we are.

Experience, thought and feelings are nanoseconds behind. What came first? The Big Bang. Aha. Ha!

I am not alone. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me. There is still light. The objective is subjective. The truth is one. The truth is not me. The truth is more. Thou art truth. Not your truth or my truth but Thy truth be done. Revival

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