Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The Canadian Author's Association Conference was in Victoria this year. I confess that while I wanted to go to the conference and was indeed a presenter Victoria was a major attraction. I love the city. I've been going their for years.  I love best sailing into the harbour and staying on my sailboat in the waterfront. Second best, well the Empress for sure. After that I've stayed in several of the 5 star hotels around he harbour and loved them all. I have even stayed in the motels further out from the centre of the city and loved the quick access to downtown. It's such a manageable city.  Everything is within walking. And it's a pretty city.  Really. It's like Kingston and Quebec City. All the old with the new and a real tourist treat.

Laura and I loved the Harbour Towers.  Gilbert was allowed to stay and he says it's a great place for a dog. At least until I was presenting during the luncheon and some cudmudgeon complained that there was a dog under the table.  I'm sure I saw this person, rodent featured person, obviously terrified of the ferocious cockapoo hidden under the table, at this private function. That said there are these anti human and anti animal health regulations that would never fly in civilized parts of the world where people share kitchens with goats and pigs but would exclude the  rodent featured persons who complain about cockapoos.  Besides Gilbert is a person.    Away from food the Hotel was terrific about Gilbert.

We all loved the conference and when we weren't involved directly we enjoyed walks along the seawall and through the city. The Empress, covered in Ivy during the day, or lit up at night is always a pleasure to the eyes.   The parliament buildings are truly beautiful.  I loved the buskers about Victoria. This year the Sax Quartet and the Piper by the totem were especially good.  The art being sold on the street, especially the First Nations is of high quality too.

We had lunch at the Old Deli and tea and coffee at Murchies. Munro Books is the best.  We shopped at Roots and Tilly and Levi and just had a very fine tourist holiday. Who needs to go thousands of miles away when there's Victoria?

The conference ended on Sunday but Laura and I left early with Gilbert to attend Mass at Christ Church Cathedral.  Gilbert likes that the Queen loves her corgis.  She's attended Christ Church in Victoria.  Gilbert on his way to being an Anglican was a model dog throughout the service except when he tried to join the procession and had to be kept on a short leash. The Dean's sermon  was  profound and thought provoking in the most refreshing way.

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