Sunday, June 13, 2010

St. George’s Anglican Church, Vancouver, BC

Laura and I love this St. George's Anglican Church. It's so friendly and inviting. They even welcome our puppy Gilbert. I love that they love little ones. The elderly are at home there too. The Sunday service begins at a gentile 11.15 am.

Gilbert is 4 months old. Being raised as an Anglican puppy and having to attend mass is not as easy for him as perhaps a rousing revival Christian tent meeting would be. He expressed his enthusiasm for the congregations hymn singing by joining in with boisterous yelps and was promptly removed by me. In the outside yard, we had a discussion about barking in church. He would say it was a one sided discussion. After he looked appropriately contrite, I forgave him and we returned.

He did well till another Anglican pup suddenly appeared between our legs out of nowhere during the sermon. Gilbert thought this was his cue for entering into a religious debate with a fellow Anglican. Neither male showed any consideration for the peaceful interfaith message being preached from the pulpit.

Gilbert and I had another discussion in the outside yard before returning for prayers, eucharist and the closing hymm . Gilbert was a model Anglican during the prayers only appearing to be sleeping.

Rev. Paul Borthistle's sermon was uplifting and interesting as it explored the historical aspects of scripture and looked to their relevance today. So many would call themselves "spiritual" but fewer participate in communal spirituality. The message he made so clearly was that God was leading and that the community leaders were those who gathered together where so many were alone and alienated.

St. George's Anglican Church is 2950 Laurel Street, Vancouver BC V5Z3T3, just south from Vancouver General Hospital near 12th. Phone number: 604-8771788.

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