Thursday, June 24, 2010

CanWrite 2010 – Harbour Towers Hotel and Suites

The ferry over from Vancouver to Victoria was crawling with writers. Some were clinging upside down from ceilings. Others were dragging along the sides of the boat. I saw Perry Wilson and that Kenyan writer, Sandra Harper, plotting together. Others were being shooed out of closets by the ferry crew. One writer was clearly editting. He was trying to disguise it but his furrowed brow gave him a way. We were all simply in a mad dash to get to CanWrite 2010 for registration today.

Laura and I and Gilbert the dog made it to the Harbour Towers Hotel and Suites despite my frequent stops for delusional hallucinations in which complete strangers appeared desperate for my autograph. Laura tried to keep the police out of it. Little Gilbert, still a puppy chewed on these tourists pant legs, because he could. Meanwhile I was clinging to their appendages begging these complete strangers in the end to ask me for my autograph, offering as a last resort to pay them if they would. .

Harbour Towers Hotel and Suites at least knew who I was. After we sorted out that I had to give them my credit card and they weren't paying me to stay here, things went even more smoothly. I was very sorry the German desk girl, Katy, had not read my Canadian book of poetry. I told her that 100 had been sold or given away and that if only I'd had the money to buy 400 more I might have had a best seller.

Resident Poet Bernice Lever was already surrounded by fans in the lobby. She just had another book of poetry published adding to the obscene number of books she's already written.

Harbour Towers Hotel and Suites is just too nice a place for an authors conference. Entering the gorgeous rooms with spectacular harbour view I already have had thoughts of barricading the doors and ordering in large quantities of booze, drugs and paper so I can hole up here to write a much needed rock concert. It's that sort of upscale place. Give peace a chance!

Something is happening later tonight but Gilbert wants to go for a walk now. Amazing how a puppies bladder and bowels can humble even the great unknown poets.

It's a great hotel that lets dogs under 20 lbs in the rooms. He's growing so fast I've got to stop feeding him through the conference or he may outweigh his welcome.

Victoria meanwhile is an idyllic city. A great place for a writer's conference. I can't wait to find a outdoor coffee shop where I can posture. If I'm really lucky I'll spot more of the actually famous writers who are attending this conference.

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